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How it began

KonnectronixTM first embarked in the electric vehicle charging market believing that the company’s cord reel technology was a good fit for the evolving marketplace. However, after developing a working prototype cord reel for a high power level 2 charger, those tasked with taking the prototype to market instead came back to management with a new idea – being the first to market with commercial level 1 charging that incorporated the company’s own cord reel technology. Konnectronix has long been known to invest in new technology, and so the company redirected its efforts into the development of its PowerPost product line. As they say, the rest is history.


PowerPost Progression

Following the launch of the L1 PowerPost® electric vehicle charging station, the Konnectronix team got to work bringing its product offering to market. As with all new ideas, some customers immediately understood the value of low current charging for long term parking solutions, while others wished that the product could charge just a little bit faster. This market feedback paired with the government incentives available for Level 2 charging became a challenge that the company could not ignore.


Remaining true to the company’s belief that low current charging is a needed product offering in the EV charging market, the company set out to develop a product solution that offered level 2 charging, while still being installed on a 20A circuit. In July 2014, this new design was realized in the form of the L2 PowerPost® EVSE.


With the company’s history of ongoing development based upon customer feedback, look for more product iterations to come!


Focus on simplicity

The PowerPost electric vehicle charging station is not just another EV charging station; it is a product line that has been thoughtfully developed based upon a belief that there is no need to overthink or overpower charging station installations for longer term parking. Just as there is a need for DC Fast Charging for certain customer needs, there are also many instances where a simple low current charging solution makes the most sense. In these applications, not only does the PowerPost product line offer the simple solution, with its integrated cord reel technology lending tidiness and assistance with ADA compliance, and the product’s ability to be branded and customized, the PowerPost EVSE is the right solution.


Focus on Low Current

Early on, Konnectronix recognized the need for low-current commercial charging stations.  When electric vehicles are parked for several hours during the day, such as at work, it makes sense to spread that energy use over a longer period of time.  This lowers the cost of charging equipment and reduces the potential for spikes in energy demand.  Because PowerPost products only require a 20 amp circuit, expensive upgrades to a facility’s electrical supply are less likely.


Studies show that most commuters drive 20 miles or less each way to work.  Since EV owners typically leave home each morning with a fully charged battery, replacing the range lost during their morning commute is the goal of workplace charging.  The L1 PowerPost provides about 20 miles of range over the course of 4 or 5 hours charging.  By lunchtime, a typical EV owner can recover their commuting range - for less than the cost of a cup of coffee!


The L2 PowerPost also requires a 20 amp circuit but at 208 to 240 volts AC.  This Level 2 charging station provides about 10 to 12 miles of range per hour of charging, but still helps manage energy use with a low current draw.


Contact Konnectronix to learn how low current charging can satisfy your EV owners and make the most out of your capital equipment budget.


Focus on Low Cost

With a strong belief that charging electric vehicles should not be expensive or complicated, Konnectronix zeroed-in on simple but robust designs and components for the PowerPost EVSE product line.  The result is effective, low cost, easy-to-use charging stations that will provide trouble-free service for EV drivers for years to come.  In longer dwell parking lots where cars are parked for more than 2 hours, there are usually a number of options outside of the EV charging equipment that will accomplish goals of access control, energy monitoring or payments.  We are happy to share solutions that might work for your parking facility.


Contact Konnectronix to learn how low cost, low current charging can satisfy your EV owners and make the most out of your capital equipment budget.

L1 and L2 PowerPost Electric Vehicle Chargers

The minds behind the Technology:



Founded in 1989, Konnectronix quickly became a leader in cord reel technology. As the company grew and its patent portfolio expanded, the company's expertise in cabling as well as electronics in highly regulated industries was established. In 2011, the idea to leverage the company's capabilities to revolutionize the EVSE space was born. Today, the same proven cord reel technology that flies on the majority of the world's airlines is now designed and incorporated into the PowerPost™ EVSE Product Line.


Based in Gurnee, Illinois, the Konnectronix team is adept at delivering smart solutions to the market. With a staff of highly skilled engineers, project managers, manufacturing experts and more, the Konnectronix team delivers the quality product you expect and service you need for success.


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