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Over the past decade, airports have made an aggressive push to implement procedures and processes to integrate sustainability and ‘green’ efforts to reduce their impact on the environment and be good stewards of the communities they serve. This movement has propelled airports to be one of the leading industries to support the electric vehicle (EV) movement and respond with the installation of electric vehicle charging solutions. Airports like Denver International, our launch customer, are trailblazing efforts to build the infrastructure needed to support the growing number of travelers and employees who drive and park electric vehicles at their facilities.



Why It Works

Customers parking for 4 hours or more represent over 85% of all occupied spaces at an airport. Because of this extended duration, PowerPost low-current electric vehicle charging stations are the clear answer. Passengers can fully recover a 20 mile commute in 4 hours, and based on an electricity rate of $0.17/kWh, the cost to the facility is under $1. Rather than installing expensive, complicated networked charging solutions, airports can simply add the cost of delivering this valued service to the price of parking while at the airport, ultimately reducing maintenance, software upgrades and IT service costs.


Not all innovation is in the sky.


Portland International Airport (PDX)


“We are excited to support our travelers and employees with these new EV charging stations. Voted America's Best Airport in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in Travel + Leisure's Reader Survey, we take pride in delivering a memorable and positive experience to those who use our facilities," says Vince Granato, Port of Portland chief operations officer.


Latest Installation: August 2015

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Tampa International Airport (TPA)


"We're excited to add additional charging stations for electric vehicles and to emphasize the importance of alternative fuel vehicles," said Al Illustrato, Tampa International Airport's Vice President of Facilities and Administration.


Latest Installation: August 2015

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Denver International Airport (DIA)


Denver International Airport has led the way in the adoption of PowerPost EVSE solutions for airports. The airport completed its third installation to meet the increasing number of electric vehicle drivers.


Latest Installation: August 2015

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Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG)


“CVG strives to create a positive and efficient customer service experience for our passengers,” said Candace McGraw, chief executive officer, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. “This is part of CVG's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.”


Latest Installation: September 2014

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