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Robust, retractable cord reel technology

The PowerPost® EV charging station features Konnectronix®’s patented cord reel technology. Tested by UL to 6000 cycles and tested in-house by Konnectronix to over 20,000 cycles, the retractable cord reel in the PowerPost EVSE is designed to last the life of the charging station.


Click here to take a look at our video to see cord reel technology in action.


Now that you’ve seen it work, let’s talk about why it matters:

•    Eliminates tripping hazards by safely storing the cord when not in use

•    Reduces cord maintenance by minimizing the impact of the elements

•    Keeps customers’ hands clean by eliminating the need to touch the cord


Trust in the reliability of the Konnectronix patented cord reel solution. PowerPost charging stations are waterproof, spark-proof, and UL 2594 certified to provide a safe, continuous connection between the EV and the power source.

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