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Case Study: Denver International Airport


As the pioneer of one of the first PowerPost EVSE installations, Denver International Airport (DIA) truly has been a leader in the adoption of the most appropriate charging solution for airports.


DIA looked closely at the cost of electricity and found that it’s typically less than a dollar a day when delivering a commute recovery charge with the Level 1 PowerPost ev charger, so they decided not to charge for use and make it part of the overall parking experience. They found that while the energy costs are quite minimal, the equipment to collect money – credit card readers, RFID, etc– adds cost and complexity.


Additionally, of such importance to the airport that it was mentioned in the RFP, cords lying on the ground, creating tripping hazards or damage to the cords, had to be avoided. PowerPost ev chargers are the only on the market to feature an electrical cord reel by Konnectronix, who coincidentally delivers cord reel, inflight entertainment and connectivity solutions to the aerospace industry. The retractable cord reel is not a typical consumer cord reel, which have brushes and slip rings. The cord reels built into PowerPost chargers have a continuous electrical connection from end to end. As a result, there’s no possibility of sparking or arcing. It is also completely waterproof and UL tested to 6,000 cycles.


With an original installation of 10 units, DIA has installed more PowerPost EVSE units which see consistent, high usage.


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