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Education Facilities


Both elementary and higher education facilities are recognizing the opportunity to offer those they employ and serve a valuable benefit- EV charging. When leveraging low-current, simplified charging technology, like the PowerPost EVSE product line, these facilities can afford to deliver this high value amenity to students and faculty alike at no cost. PowerPost EV chargers also stand as a symbol of a school’s commitment to sustainability.



Why It Works

PowerPost electric vehicle charging stations are the best option for education facilities due to the fact that they are typically long-dwell parking locations. The customizable graphic wrap of PowerPost EVSE also affords the opportunity to show school pride or even offer as valuable advertising space, and the retractable cord reel technology protects the cords from the elements when not in use and keeps them off the ground, reducing cord maintenance and tripping hazards.


Rosalind Franklin University


Rosalind Franklin University installed 12 L1 PowerPost™ EVSE charging stations that students, faculty and visitors use to meet their charging needs.


Latest Installation: February 2014

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