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Posted by Eric Rodriguez on August 11, 2014


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been in effect for over 20 years, and the positive impact the law has had on individuals with disabilities has been profound. The ADA has ushered in convenience and accessibility to facilities where people living with disabilities previously did not have access.


Most facility owners have done a great job following the ADA, be it constructing ramps to help wheelchair users safely get in to a building or installing activation buttons to open doors. However, facilities may be overlooking ADA guidelines when it comes to another piece of infrastructure: electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.


When installing EV charging stations, it is a good practice to make sure that electric vehicle supply equipment follows the rules of the ADA. While not every facility is required to adhere to the ADA, not following the regulations could result in increased liabilities and possible legal action.


“The PowerPost EVSE is known for delivering a great charging experience for EV drivers, and here’s another reason why it is exceptional – it gives facilities the opportunity to ensure ADA compliance. Thanks to the patented retractable cord reel technology that is found on the Telefonix® PowerPost EVSE product line and the height of the coupler in relation to the ground helps fulfill compliance by providing accessibility and safety to all,” said Bill Williams of Telefonix.


ADA requires a clear path of travel from the electric vehicle charging area to the entrance of the building. The PowerPost EVSE’s patented retractable cord reel technology assists with this requirement by keeping cables off the ground and inside the unit.


Both the L1 PowerPost EVSE and L2 PowerPost EVSE meet ADA requirements with a locking J-1772 coupler that is no more than 48 inches above the surface of the EVSE area. Patrons appreciate easy access to the EV charging equipment and interface.


When installing new EVSEs, it is important to follow ADA guidelines for safety purposes and to ensure compliance with the law. The PowerPost line of EVSE offers a great charging experience and produces an electric vehicle charger that is 100 percent ADA complaint when utilized following the ADA guidelines.


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