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Posted by John Hipchen; Eric Rodriguez on October 10, 2014


Every day, thousands of travelers use airports for business trips, family gatherings and vacations. Because the majority of trips by air take more than one day, airports are an ideal location for low-current electric vehicle charging. The L1 PowerPost™ electric vehicle charging station has been filling this niche since its launch last summer in 2013.Airports across the nation are learning that Level 1 electric vehicle charging is a perfect match for their customers that drive and park EVs at the airport. Trips to the airport can often be longer than a typical commute but the average stay in an airport parking lot (3.5 days) allows plenty of time to recharge an EV battery with the low current charging of Level 1. In addition to charging capacity and energy management, it is also important to airport facility managers that the hazards from charging cords laying on the ground be reduced or eliminated. The L1 PowerPost EVSE is the first commercial Level 1 electric vehicle charging station with a retractable cord reel. “Airports use the L1 PowerPost electric vehicle charging station because it caters to their long term parking needs, serving travelers who have committed to drive clean air vehicles, and who will be parked at airport facilities overnight or for days at a time,” said Bill Williams of Telefonix®.


“To give just one example of the extremely positive acceptance by the airports, ” Williams continues, “ a bank of L1 PowerPost EVSE charging stations has been installed at the Denver International Airport with great success. The feedback has been so overwhelmingly favorable that airport management is planning the installation of more L1 PowerPost EVSEs.” In addition to Denver International, one of the world’s busiest transportation centers, L1 PowerPost electric vehicle charging stations have also been installed at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Piedmont Triad International Airport serving the Greensboro and Winston-Salem area, and the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.


Starting at $1495, the L1 PowerPost EVSE offers effective charging for all electric vehicles, as well as safety and cleanliness with a UL label and a patented retractable cord reel to help keep cables clean and off the ground. Designed for commercial use, the L1 PowerPost EVSE is approved for outdoor installations and includes a powder-coated aluminum outer shell. The retractable cord reel is UL tested to 6,000 cycles ensuring years of trouble-free operation. “Our goal was to design and manufacture an efficient yet simple, durable and low-cost EVSE. From the reaction of customers like Denver International, I would say without hesitation that we succeeded,” said Bill Williams.


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