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Posted by Eric Rodriguez on June 06, 2014


As the growth of electric vehicles (EVs) are projected to rise and more EVs continue to be sold, some driver’s education programs are starting to use EVs to teach drivers the rules of the road.


As new drivers start to gain experience behind the wheel of an EV, schools will need to charge their vehicles. In the case of driver’s ed, schools may want to consider investing in Level 1 charging.


Level 1 is a great EV Charging option for high schools and driving schools for a multitude of reasons. A major advantage of Level 1 is that charging an EV using a max charge of 1.92 kW will have an energy cost of approximately $0.23 an hour. This sum pales in comparison to gas-powered vehicles that cost driving institutions hundreds of dollars each month for fuel.


Level 1 charging also has an advantage in saving schools money on installation costs. For example, the L1 PowerPost EV charger operates off a 120v/20amp circuit that has a lower energy demand and can potentially save on expensive electrical upgrades.


In addition, a Level 1, 1.92 kW charge rate can recoup a commute of 20-miles in less than 4 hours. This charging period is enough to recapture range lost during a driver’s ed session.


The L1 PowerPost™ charging station also makes EV charging safe for students and instructors by utilizing patented retractable cord reel technology, that reduces tripping hazards and helps EVSE cables last longer.


EVs in driver’s ed provide a great opportunity for new drivers to experience zero-emissions vehicles. EV charging will power the driver’s ed revolution and Level 1 offers a great energy efficient solution for these programs.


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