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Eastern Washington University (EWU) to Unveil Campus Charging Stations for Electric Cars

As released by Eastern Washington University, April 22, 2016


Cheney, Washington (April 22, 2016) Eastern Washington University is celebrating its focus on environmental sustainability with the introduction of four new electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) as part the U.S. Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge.


The stations will be unveiled on Earth Day, April 22.


The Level 2 PowerPost™ EV charging stations were manufactured by Telefonix® Inc., a leading developer of cord reel technology and manufacturer of PowerPost® commercial electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSEs).


Two units are located in front of EWU’s Computing and Engineering Building and another two are located outside the campus Visitor Center.

"The installation of these charging stations is part of Eastern's long-term plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions. We are serious about our commitment to sustainability and believe PowerPost EVSE furthers our commitment to preserving the earth."


Dr. Mary Cullinan, EWU President

“The installation of these charging stations is part of Eastern’s long-term plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions,” said EWU President Mary Cullinan. “We are serious about our commitment to sustainability and believe PowerPost EVSE furthers our commitment to preserving the earth.”


Being an early adopter is a common theme for EWU when it comes to preserving the earth’s climate. In 2007, EWU signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPU), an effort put forth by colleges and universities to neutralize their greenhouse gas emissions and educate society about the earth’s environment.


The charging stations are the first PowerPost EV chargers installed with an eGauge system, an electrical power meter that will solely monitor EV Charger usage. The eGauge system is installed directly to the circuit to track total energy consumption, allowing EWU to research the energy efficiency of PowerPost EVSE, without monthly networking fees or maintenance contracts.


“PowerPost EVSE is the perfect charger for installations where cars are parked for two hours or more, like a university, said Bill Williams, Business Development Manager at Telefonix Inc. “The energy efficiency and low cost per use keeps money in the university’s pocket so they can spend it on what truly matters- providing quality education.”



About The PowerPost® EVSE Product Line

The Telefonix PowerPost electric vehicle charging station product line is focused on low-current solutions for commercial parking lots or garages where cars are parked for two or more hours. The L1 PowerPost EVSE led the way as the first commercial Level 1 EV charging station, and the L2 PowerPost EVSE is making an impact on the Level 2 product category as the first low-current, commercial Level 2 EV charging station. The company has now introduced a wall-mounted version of the level 1 and level 2 PowerPost EV charging stations. All PowerPost chargers provide an economical charging solution that also features a retractable cord reel that eliminates the clutter and potential hazards of long cables as well as offering the potential for custom branding. Telefonix is delivering on electric vehicle charging innovations with a cost of ownership that creates a win-win for both the EV driver and the parking facility.


Visit www.PowerPostEVSE.com for more information.


About Eastern Washington University

To learn more about EWU and its sustainable practices, visit us online at: http://www.ewu.edu/about/administration/business-finance/sustainability



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