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Healthcare Facilities


Healthcare facilities are in the business of keeping people well. An increasing number of hospitals, surgery centers and specialty health operations are focusing on not just fixing what ails, but also supporting people in managing their own health. Encouraging electric vehicle adoption by installing EV charging is another way for these businesses to make an impact by encouraging employees and patients to drive cleaner and reduce greenhouse gases.



Why It Works

Healthcare facilities are choosing PowerPost EV charging solutions based on unique benefits like the customizable graphic wraps, which allow them to relay a message to employees and guests or to display their branding. The robust Konnectronix retractable cord reel, exclusive to PowerPost EV chargers, keeps the cord off the ground, minimizing tripping hazards. The charging stations, when utilized following the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, are also 100 percent ADA compliant.


MD Anderson Cancer Center


“As our mission is to eliminate cancer in Texas, the nation and the world, we looked beyond our walls and to the environment at large,” says Bill Donovan, Manager, Parking and Transportation for MD Anderson. “Electric vehicles help reduce emissions and improve air quality, and we wanted to encourage their proliferation by offering EV charging stations at our center.”


Latest Installation: June 2015

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