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Illinois Leads the Country with Inclusion of Level 1 in EVSE Rebate Program


Waukegan, Illinois (September 6, 2013) –Telefonix Inc. announced today that commercial Level 1 electric vehicle charging stations are eligible for rebates in the recently released Illinois Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program, now accepting applications through December 19, 2013. John Hipchen at Telefonix Inc. commented, “With the value and economics that Level 1 brings to longer-term parking situations, it makes sense for the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to include Level 1 units in incentive programs for commercial EV charging. We see this as a move by the State of Illinois to include all viable technologies in State programs to promote plug-in vehicles.”


The Telefonix Level 1 charging station called the L1 PowerPost, is specifically designed for parking areas where vehicles park for extended periods of time. Locations that are prime targets to enjoy the benefits of Level 1 electric vehicle charging include workplaces, airports, hotels, train stations and schools. The exterior of the L1 PowerPost can be customized with logos or advertising and the retractable cord reel minimizes tripping hazards while protecting the cord from damage.


Bob Tortorello, Sales Manager at Telefonix, commented, “We believe Illinois is the first state in the country to include commercial Level 1 charging in a rebate program. I’m proud that my home state has taken this progressive approach. Although we are already busy filling orders, I expect our business within the State of Illinois will increase dramatically in the next few weeks, now that commercial Level 1 units qualify for rebates.”



About Telefonix, Inc.

Now entering the EVSE marketplace with a recent UL listing and the first installation at Denver International Airport, the Telefonix’ L1 Power Post™ is the first commercial Level 1 EV Charging Station specifically designed for locations where Electric Vehicles park for extended periods of time. Features include a simple and attractive design, low unit costs centered upon 120V/16A specifications, proven Telefonix retractable cord reel technology, and the ability to apply unique, custom graphics.


Telefonix is an aerospace leader in electronics and electric cord reel technologies for nearly 25 years. The proven cord reel technology that flies on the majority of the world’s airlines is now designed and incorporated into the first true Commercial Level 1 EVSE. This patented, robust design (UL 6,000 + cycles) is safe, completely waterproof and spark proof. The cord reel manages the cable and neatly stows when not in use. The cord reel also minimizes tripping hazards and helps the longevity of the cord itself as it prevents damage that can occur when cords lay on the ground.


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