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PowerPost free ev charger Giveaway Awarded to Thompson School District of Loveland, colorado as part of national drive electric week 2015

National Drive Electric Week 2015 PowerPost Giveaway: Congratulations to Thompson School District of Loveland, Colorado


Loveland, Colorado (Oct. 30, 2015) .-- In celebration of National Drive Electric Week 2015, Telefonix, Inc, maker of PowerPost® electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, gave away an L2 PowerPost™ charging station to one lucky Colorado employer during an event organized with Drive Electric Northern Colorado.


The winner, Thompson School District, located in Loveland, Colorado will be installing the L2 PowerPost EVSE at a brand new school, currently under construction.


One of the best ways to broaden the electric vehicle movement is for workplaces to adopt charging stations, as this is where low level charging stations are energy and cost efficient, as cars are typically parked for more than 4 hours. Both Thompson School District and the PowerPost EV charging team at Telefonix are excited to help spread awareness about workplace charging with this installation.

“It is exciting to think that EV Charging Stations that are currently viewed as a luxury will be a society-standard by the time these students graduate college,” said Bill Williams, Business Development Manager for Telefonix, EVSE Division.


National Drive Electric Week, held during September, unifies electric vehicle drivers all across the country, while bringing awareness to the latest technologies and trends in the EV world. The PowerPost EVSE team participated in events around the United States, including at the event where the EV charging station was given away, to help spread the word about renewable energy and sustainability around the nation.



About The PowerPost® EVSE Product Line

The Telefonix PowerPost electric vehicle charging station product line is focused on low current solutions for commercial parking lots or garages where cars are parked for two or more hours. The L1 PowerPost EVSE led the way as the first commercial Level 1 EV charging station, and the L2 PowerPost EVSE is making an impact on the Level 2 product category as the first low current, commercial Level 2 EV charging station. All PowerPost chargers provide an economical charging solution that also features a retractable cord reel that eliminates the clutter and potential hazards of long cables as well as offering the potential for custom branding. Telefonix is delivering on electric vehicle charging innovations with a cost of ownership that creates a win-win for both the EV driver and the parking facility.


Visit www.PowerPostEVSE.com for more information.


About Telefonix®, Inc.

With over 25 years in business and more than 60 patents issued to date for its innovations, Telefonix is a leader in cord reel technology. In addition to its portfolio of cord reel products, the company also designs and manufactures custom electronics for customers in highly regulated industries. In 2011, the idea to leverage the company’s capabilities to address unmet needs in the electric vehicle charging station market was born. Today, the same proven cord reel technology that flies on more than 80% of long-haul aircraft is designed and incorporated into the PowerPost® commercial low-current electric vehicle charger product line. Based in Waukegan, Illinois, the Telefonix team is adept at delivering smart solutions to market. With a staff of highly skilled engineers, project managers, manufacturing experts and more, the Telefonix team delivers the quality product you expect and service you need for success.



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"It is exciting to think that EV Charging Stations that are currently viewed as a luxury will be a society-standard by the time these students graduate college."


Bill Williams, Business Development Manager for Telefonix, EVSE Division

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