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PowerPost Electric Vehicle Chargers are Multiplying Across the U.S.


Businesses are beginning to see free EV charging as an employee perk, just like morning coffee.


Waukegan, Illinois (May 29, 2015) Telefonix® Inc., a leading developer of cord reel technology and manufacturer of PowerPost® commercial electric vehicle charging stations (EVSEs), announces that a number of their customers’ facilities with existing installations are ordering more units to meet the demand of their EV driving patrons.


Hundreds of PowerPost Level 1 and Low-Current Level 2 commercial electric vehicle charging stations are currently installed across the United States. The units, which require 2-4 hours to provide the energy lost during a typical commute, are being installed every month by businesses providing workplace charging as a perk to their employees.


“It’s not often you walk into a workplace and not have free coffee available,” says Bill Williams, Head of PowerPost EVSE North American Sales. “There seems to a real shift in thinking from businesses wanting to provide EV charging for a fee to providing it as a perk, just like your morning joe.”


This ethos is supported by the recent Plugshare quarterly report that cites an eyebrow raising statistic: 63% of “public access” charging stations are currently free to use.


The proliferation of PowerPost chargers is not just installations by new facilities; many who have already installed stations are adding to their existing infrastructure. In fact, the team at Telefonix sites 15-20% of their customers have ordered additional EV chargers to add to their initial installation. One such example is Denver International Airport. With eco-friendly business practices and the designation of first commercial airport in North America to have an internationally certified Environmental Management System, electric vehicle charging was a natural fit.


"Since adding electric vehicle charging stations in 2013, we have seen a tremendous response from both employees and passengers and an increasing demand for charging stations," said Dorothy Harris, Director of Parking and Transportation. "The airport previously installed 10 Level 1 charging stations in the east and west parking garages as well as 5 Level 2 charging stations specifically for employees. Due to the positive feedback and increased demand, we are in the process of installing 10 new 240-volt Level 2 charging stations."


The PowerPost EV charging product line was developed specifically for long-term parking situations where cars are parked for at least 2-4 hours. The Level 1 PowerPost EVSE costs the facility under $1 to provide an average commute recovery charge, making it a perk equivalent, cost-wise, to a cup of coffee.


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