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Simple Installation

Easily hardwired with conduit from the back or bottom of the unit, the L1 PowerPost™ EV charging station is installed on a dedicated 120v/20amp circuit.  Each 3-phase network requires a separate ground.  Because existing distribution panels can typically accommodate additional 120 volt circuits, expensive electrical service upgrades can often be avoided.


The unit is anchored at the four corners for maximum stability. A solid base such as concrete or asphalt is required.  If concrete is poured and electrical is stubbed in, installation takes only about 30 minutes from unpacking to actual use.


To protect users from electrical current, all wires are terminated at a block inside the unit.  Note that there is no current at the connector until after the charging station has been plugged into the vehicle and appropriate pilot signals have been sent.



Click here to view L1 PowerPost EVSE installation instructions >>


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Installation of the PowerPost® EVSE is subject to local building and electrical codes.  Contact local authorities to ensure that your installation meets all requirements.


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