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Telefonix PowerPost EV Chargers will be on display at the Clean Car Expo in California


The Telefonix PowerPost® EV Chargers will be on display at the Clean Car Expo, which is co-located with EUEC 2015, USA’s largest Energy, Utility and Environment Conference, February 16-18 in San Diego, California.


Clean Car Expo promotes the Clean Cities Program, which supports measures that reduce the United States’ reliance on petroleum consumption in the transportation sector. The Sails Pavilion in San Diego will be packed with companies driving this movement, including alternative vehicle manufacturers, technology companies, fuel providers and firms revolutionizing EV, CNG, H2, NGV, biofuel, hybrid and fleet management.


“The PowerPost Electric Vehicle Charging product line is an important piece of the electric vehicle infrastructure puzzle,” says Bill Williams, Head of North American PowerPost EVSE Sales. “It is the simple, practical and cost effective solution for workplace charging and for anywhere EVs are parked for two or more hours.”


Bill Williams will also be speaking to the show attendees in the EV, PHEV Hybrid Systems track.


Says Mr. Williams, “I’m looking forward to showing the real benefits of workplace charging; how it can be leveraged by employers to cost effectively deliver workplace charging that will reap rewards in employee loyalty and PR, as well as how simple and economical an install can be.”


The Telefonix PowerPost Electric Vehicle Charging product line will be on display at booth 415. Bill Williams will be presenting in Track J3.6 on Tuesday, February 17.


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