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Telefonix® Inc. Releases MSRP for the L1 PowerPostTM Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Waukegan, Illinois (July 30, 2013) –Telefonix Inc. announced today that the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for the L1 PowerPost is $1,495. This is the first true Commercial Level 1 electric vehicle (EV) charging station that includes Telefonix’ patented, retractable cord reel technology. This cable management system allows for a neat and orderly storage of the EV cable and minimizes potential tripping hazards and maintenance issues related to EV cables lying on the ground.


Telefonix has a 25 year history of innovative cord reel designs for the aviation and retail security industries. Recently, Telefonix applied its’ unique cord reel technology to EV charging stations that is specifically designed for workplaces, airports, hotels and other parking areas where vehicles park for several hours. Reception to the L1 PowerPost - introduced in May at the International Parking Institute Conference in Florida, has been overwhelmingly positive. Telefonix has received hundreds of inquiries and requests for quote.


Bob Tortorello, Director of Sales & Marketing at Telefonix, explains, “Most facilities have initially looked at Level 2 charging because there really was no other commercial alternative - until now. Today, when people learn about the advantageous economics – purchase price, installation costs and operating costs - of using Level 1 charging where cars dwell for longer periods of time, they quickly realize that this is the “right” solution. Along with Telefonix cord management technology, the industrial design of the L1 PowerPost allows for unique branding and/or marketing opportunities.”


Studies reveal that 85% of drivers commute less than 25 miles in each direction to work. The L1 PowerPost can recover that distance in about 5 hours. With the vast majority of EV drivers leaving home with a full battery, topping-off is all that’s really needed. Additionally, the low cost of the L1Powerpost minimizes concerns about the length of time that vehicles are plugged in (“EV etiquette”) as you can install up to 4 times the number of L1PowerPosts relative to other commercial level 2 options.


Customized Exteriors – As an option, Telefonix can customize the exterior of the L1 PowerPost with logos, marketing messages or advertising. The exterior wrap/signage is made from the same durable materials used on professional racecars. Tortorello said, “Customers are considering the L1 PowerPost as a revenue source by selling advertising on the custom unit wrap.”



About Telefonix, Inc.

Telefonix has been an aerospace leader in electric cord reel technology for nearly 25 years. Now entering the EVSE marketplace, Telefonix’ L1 Power Post™ is the first commercial Level 1 EV Charging Station specifically designed for where Electric Vehicles park for extended periods of time. Features include a simple and attractive design, low unit costs centered upon 120V/16A specifications, proven Telefonix retractable cord reel technology, and the ability to apply your operation’s unique graphics.


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