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In situations where shopping, food and entertainment are located, keeping people engaged and in place is paramount. Since PowerPost electric vehicle chargers are low-current, thus delivering energy at a relatively slow pace, electric vehicle drivers will want to stay in place to maximize this benefit. Offering a charge for free encourages drivers to stay even longer, while potentially only costing the facility around $1.



Why It Works

The perceived benefit to EV drivers and the potential increase in visitor spending is far outweighed by the minimal cost to provide charging. Additionally, because PowerPost EVSE are simple and do not require networking, the total cost of ownership is drastically lower than units which require updates and technical support because of complex technical components.


The retractable cord reel technology is also perfect for these settings, keeping the facility looking neat, reducing tripping hazards and protecting the cords when not in use.


Green Valley Ranch, Red Rock Resort & Santa Fe Station Casino


Stations Casinos installed 12 PowerPost EV chargers from Konnectronix, including Level 1 and Level 2 models at three of the company’s resort properties in southern Nevada.


Latest Installation: October 2014

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