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Our Charging Philosophy


"Simplicity", "low cost" and "long life" are the fundamental elements behind the design of our PowerPost EV charging stations.   Our low-current approach to charging makes the PowerPost line an ideal solution for longer duration commercial parking facilities.  Low current charging spreads out energy use over a longer period of time while effectively recharging EV's and maximizing a parking facility’s equipment budget.


Only Konnectronix focuses on low-current charging solutions where cars are parked for 2 hours or more.  With the commercial energy rate averaging only 10 cents per kWh in the US, the cost of networking, software upgrades, maintenance and contract fees just don’t make sense.


At Konnectronix, we believe you shouldn’t over-think or over-spend when it comes to EV charging.  We believe “simple” is the best approach and we believe contracts can often be avoided.


Simple – Low Cost – Long Life

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