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Employers are always looking for ways to attract and retain talent with employee perks ranging from large, expensive initiatives to seemingly small benefits, like morning coffee offered free in the breakroom. Studies show that those who purchase electric vehicles tend to have a high level of education, making them some of the most desirable employees. For those leading the growth of electric vehicles on the road, a charger at their workplace is a perk with incredible value. In a recent study by the California Center for Sustainable Energy, 46% of EV driving respondents said they have access to workplace charging, and 74% of those had access for free.



Why It Works

The average employee travels less than 20 miles to work and is parked for approximately 8 hours. For this reason, low current PowerPost electric vehicle chargers are the perfect solution as it takes less than 4 hours to recoup 20 miles of range, which costs less than $1 per day* - comparable to a cup of coffee.


In cases where there is shared parking or charging for parking is an absolute necessity, PowerPost EVSE solutions are still the best option as simple payroll deductions or monthly parking sticker fee are far simpler and more cost effective than networked solutions.


At Konnectronix, we practice what we preach, offering free charging at our workplace. We are also proud members of the Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge.


PowerPost EVSE… the new perk at work.


*Based on an electricity rate of $0.17/kWh


Melink workplace free charging stations

Melink Corporation


Steve Melink, Melink Company CEO, commented, “The installation of Konnectronix PowerPost charging stations fits well with our sustainability leadership brand. Our employees are increasingly interested in EV’s and this will allow more of them to justify one knowing they will receive free charging during the day.


Latest Installation: January 2015

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level 1 ev charging through workplace charging challenge initiative

Konnectronix, Inc.


Even before becoming an EV charging station manufacturer, Konnectronix believed in the importance of offering free charging to its EV driving employees. In 2014, the White House and Department of Energy recognized our commitment to cut carbon pollution as a part of the Workplace Charging Challenge initiative.

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Please keep in mind that while our other installations at airports, casinos, educational facilities and more are offering charging to their patrons, they are also providing charging for their employees. Check out the other installation categories on our website for more workplace charging success stories.

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